Never For Money, Always For Love

Fantasy Factory


Back in about 2004, I was cruising the inter-webs of MySpace, when I came across a familiar name.  Growing up as a skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek, was one of my idols.  They guy bled street skateboarding, and seemed to always be the center of attention.  His profile photo threw me off.  It was a guy in baggy clothing, standing in front of a blacked out SUV, with a black Jason mason on, holding an ak-47 in the air. I thought, this could be anyone, but i tried to add him anyway.  Unlike facebook today, MySpace would show you if somebody denied your friend request.  Before I tell the rest, keep in mind that my MySpace name and profile pic were the “Sultan of Brunei.” When I saw that Rob had denied my request, i tried adding him again.  This went on about 2 or 3 more times, until i wrote him and said something along the lines of “You keep denying my requests? I am the Sultan of Brunei, youre just a pro skateboarder, i could buy you 10,000 times over and piss on everything you own”.  I had to stay in character.  We wrote back and forth about 5 or 6 times, until he said “give me your #, im calling you”.


We ended up talking on the phone for a few hours, about life, women, mutual friends, etc.  At the end of the conversation he goes “bro, i feel like ive known you forever, who are you really?”. Fast forward a few months when I was living with Andy Milonakis (when his show just hit MTV).  At the time, Rob was shooting his pilot and really wanted to meet Andy, so i set up a lunch.  He brought his boy Nino Scalia, who ended up becoming a friend of mine too.  Nino is a really cool guy who was skate team manager of ZooYork, then team manager for IceCream, and is now right hand man to Pharrell Williams.  Nino tells it the way it is, more so than almost anyone I have ever met.

Getting back to Rob.  After I had gotten to know Rob and his crew, and after Season 1 was a huge success I gave Rob a gift for his show.  A custom mini Circle J horse trailer, for his miniature horse.  The trailer ended up becoming a character on the show, was featured on 3 or 4 episodes.

Me with Rob in front of the trailer (back when i was a fatty)

When true success and fame hit Rob, we started to speak less and less.  This is in no disrespect to Rob at all, he was working like a mad man to make his show a hit.  Say what you want about Rob, but he is one of the hardest working people ive ever known.

Fast forward to 2010.  I had just developed a TV show for MTV about a group of privileged kids from Beverly Hills.  A couple of them had been begging me to take them there.  So I asked my friend Kevin Delaney (formerly head of marketing for LRG) to make arrangements.  Kevin runs marketing for Drama’s clothing line “Young & Reckless” and is also the king of leisure.

We assembled the team: Nicolas Bijan Pakzad (son of fashion designer Bijan), Dan Weisman aka the spiceman (manager of Wale and Mike Posner), Kaitlin Najjar (Lee Najjar’s daughter), Jamen Najjar (Lee Najjar’s son). The Najjar’s were like my second family for a while – I cant say enough good things about them.

The first step was to choose which car to take.  We were going to take Nick’s Bugatti Veyron, but we would have to fill up the tank two times to get there and back:

But decided to take the Rolls Royce Drop Head Phantom Instead (must suck to have to deal with such choices, i know).  Let me just say that Nick is one of the nicest kids in Los Angeles. If you met him on the street he would never treat you like a pretentious dick, ever:

Nicolas Bijan Pakzad

Jamen and Kaitlin Najjar

We met Kevin and Weisman, downtown for breakfast. We pulled up to a restaurant with 50 people waiting outside of a table, in a bright yellow Rolls Royce convertible, driven by a 17 year old.  Dan goes “wow, powerful entrance.”

Dan and Kevin in front of the breakfast spot

Jamen and Kaitlin at breakfast


Then we finally headed to the Fantasy Factory where we rode bikes, skateboarded, drove go-karts, shot people with tennis ball guns, and laughed harder then ive ever laughed in my life.

Jamen, Kaitlin, and Nicolas walking out of Drama’s studio cave

The crew in awe as we walk in to the main warehouse



Kevin – post Kuala retirement to Leisure-ville USA

Hi Kaitlin

Weisman went “Higher Learning” on us and started shooting everyone like a mad man


Kev D attacked by Dan Weisman

Then I attacked Kev with a single ball

dunuh dunuh dunuh!


Then we got a little Go-Karting in:

Video of me Go-Karting (i was going wayyy faster than it looks)


Bo Go-Kart

Finally, the funniest part of the day. I dont know why this was so funny, but Dan got stuck in the go-kart:


Dan Stuck in Go-Kart


Til this day Dyrdek still refers to me as “The Sultan”


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  1. Zach

    Awesome! Was Big Black there? I am so glad him and Rob are friends again. Place looks like a blast on TV so I would guess it has to be 10x’s cooler in person. I can’t wait to watch the new season that starts tomorrow night. I will be watching it in HD all season on channel 160 MTV on DISH Network. I work at DISH and right now you can qualify and get HD Free for Life.

    04/03/2011 at 10:16 am

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