Never For Money, Always For Love

Hotrod, Barrie’s Bootcamp, Team Brez, and Kudo Studio

The other day I spent some quality time with some old friends. On my way to have lunch with two of my favorite homegirls, Barrie and Lauren, I stopped by Hotrod Skateboard Shop — a classic OG skate shop located in Westwood.  After buying some new boots, I drove right up the street to Fresh Corn Grill, to have lunch with Barrie and Lauren.  After catching up with these lovely ladies, we drove into Bel Air for a little photo shoot.   I then went skateboarding with one of my oldest friends Alex Kudo.  I met Alex at 3rd St Promenade when I was 14, and I remember it vividly. I was skateboarding on the 3rd block (where Fatburger is located), our old stomping grounds, when out of nowhere I hear “East coast steez!” Alex was referring to the way I was wearing my shoes.  Back in the mid 90s skateboarders would cut the tongues off of old shoes, and stuff as many as they could underneath the shoes that they were wearing.  This would add not only an aesthetic effect, but also comfort and function. Strange way to meet somebody, but it was the beginning of a friendship that will last a life time. Here are some photos, enjoy.

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  1. Alex Kudo(646) 385-4908

    The only Prius in town with a Free Mason’s plate.

    04/11/2011 at 11:40 pm

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