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Gypsy Rose: Jesse Valadez’s Funeral

I first moved to Los Angeles in 1994, and quickly became accustom to the street culture that the residents of this great city pride themselves on.  Our first residence here was in Bel Air, but as Tupac said “Ever n*gga in LA’s got a little bit of thug in em.”  I remember purchasing my first Lowrider Magazine during my first summer in Los Angeles.  We took the drive across Mulholland drive, over looking this city which was so new to me at the time, and down Beverly Glen into the valley, to purchase my Buckley uniform.  On the way down we stopped at the most legendary new stand in LA, in my opinion, to purchase some magazines.  While browsing through the “automotive” section, I saw something I had never seen before (keep in mind that prior to this I lived in Boise, Idaho), a Lowrider Magazine.  On the cover was a red 1964 Impala with roses airbrushed all over the car. I was in love..with the look of the 1964 Impala, not the paint job, but to each his own.  What i eventually learned is the most legendary lowrider on the planet, more or less, aptly named “Gypsy Rose” – an award-winning Chevy Impala admired for its elaborate floral paint job, was known in the world of cruising lowriders as one of the most tricked-out muscle cars of a generation.

I woke up this morning, and checked on my blackberry, to read the basic local news before reading the LA Times.  One of the headlines read “Lowrider Funeral Procession Honors Impala Owner”.  “Why is discussing the owner of an Impala,” I thought.  As I read on, I learned that it was the owner of the famous “Gypsy Rose” who had passed away – Jesse Valadez (co-founder of Imperials car club)  I thought to myself “Jesus, thats going to be a ridiculous funeral procession.”  Unfortunately the article did not mention where the funeral would take place, just the time.  I immediately sent a text to Ben Baller “Yo will you please ask Toons and/or Estaevan where Jesse Valadez’s funeral is today??” But by the time he responded, I had already found it on Google.  I woke my ass up, and drove to church in Whittier..but shit….parking lot was empty.  I immediately sped off to the cemetery, hoping to catch them there… I pulled up and this is what i saw

Also, i have to mention that my first car was a 1964 Impala 2 door hard top, which i still own to this day.

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